Unit 2, 38 Hoskins St. Mitchell

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Gym gear, thongs, water bottle, towel
  • If you have a Gi and belt, please bring it. Gym gear is fine for the first few lessons.
  • Try to arrive 10 minutes early so the instructor can meet you.
  • Your instructor will partner you up with a more experienced partner. You will be taught basic BJJ drills and do a light warm up to prevent injury.

BJJ is an excellent way of keeping fit and attaining self defense skills. Members of Primal Martial Arts Academy (Legion 13 Gungahlin) can expect to feel part of a community – both at a local and worldwide level – and build friendships, while learning new skills. BJJ is suitable for men, women and kids; Primal Martial Arts Academy (Legion 13 Gungahlin) prides itself on providing class options for the whole family.

Yes, we will teach you correct technique and guide you to as to the best way to prevent injury.

Of course! Primal Martial Arts Academy (Legion 13 Gungahlin) has a strong female membership. If you are nervous about attending and rolling with men, let us know and we can try to ensure a suitable partner for you to learn with. There is no pressure to “roll” with anyone at the end of class. The instructor is there to keep you safe.

All levels of fitness are welcomed. BJJ relies on efficient movement and you can begin your training at any fitness level. You will find you will feel fitter and stronger after just a few weeks training.

Gym gear is fine for the first few sessions. Once you commit to training, it is useful to purchase a “Gi” (Jiu Jitsu uniform) to be able to participate in all classes.

Yes, we offer two classes on Saturday. Check out our timetable here to find out more. 

Please discuss any concerns or issues with your instructor. Do what you’re comfortable with. As your first week of training is free, you can take your time and see how you feel.

We accept cash, direct debit, Visa/MasterCard/bank card. There is no lock in contract or notice period.

Grading in BJJ is a long journey, which requires dedication and commitment to build the necessary skills. We have the best instructors to help guide you through this lifelong journey.

Competitions are run throughout Australia through various federations for all levels. We have ‘Gi’, ‘No-Gi’ and ‘takedown’ classes to prepare you for competition. Your instructor will help you prepare for competition and provide necessary advice.

You are welcome to come in for our one week free trial and see how much you enjoy it. Contact us today to find out more. 

Feel free to contact us or come in to have a chat. We want to make this journey as safe and enjoyable for you as possible. As our one week trial has no strings attached, you have nothing to lose.